Solidarity with Palestine and anti-colonial struggles around the world

Solidarity with Palestine and anti-colonial struggles around the world

As a community organization committed to justice for Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island and beyond, QPIRG Concordia stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The so-called Palestinian-Israeli ‘conflict’ began with the creation of the State of Israel in 1947 and the violent displacement of hundreds of thousands of  indigenous Palestinians from their homes and their land. The occupation has now lasted for over 70 years and resulted in immense suffering for everyone, in particular the indigenous Palestinian population that exists as second-class citizens in an apartheid state where they are constant civilian targets of deadly state violence.

We support the Palestinian people’s right to live in a sovereign and independent state, free from oppression, discrimination, and displacement. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their quest for justice, dignity, and self-determination. We support the demands for the Canadian Government to stop enabling this genocide, and for an immediate end to the siege on Gaza. We stand with hundreds of thousands of people demanding an immediate ceasefire, and an end to Canada’s complicity in this genocide. We support Palestinian liberation and call for an end to the killing and harming of all civilians. In this spirit of solidarity, we call upon our community members to join in supporting the Palestinian people.

For all of our marginalized community members, we remind you that we are here to support. Please reach out if you require assistance (eg., financial legal support, a list of legal resources, letters of support).

We also provide assistance for community members involved in community mobilization. Contact us for resources such as discretionary funding, computers & internet access, photocopies, first aid supplies, megaphones & mobile sound equipment, and spaces for meetings & events.

You can follow the following accounts for more information on upcoming protests and actions in support of Palestine and Gaza.



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